Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm a Killer, I'm a Step-Mom, and I'm a Mormon

Happy Monday!

I have a joke for y'all that I made up, and we'll see that if you can guess the right answer. :)

What house from Harry Potter would missionaries be in? (Scroll down to the bottom for the answer.)

Okay well, I guess this Monday is not the happiest for me, since I'm being TRANSFERRED. It was a total shock since none of us thought I would be going since Sister Freeman is going home this transfer and Sister Sullivan the next. We'll probably have a sister who doesn't know the ward very well and she'll have to take over both of the areas that we're working with. A lot of people predicted that Sister Sullivan and I would train a greenie as a trio, and then I would finish the 2nd transfer of training after Sister Sullivan leaves, and then transfer later on once the greenie is more adjusted. But I am training a greenie during her 2nd transfer, so I'm going to be in a whirlwind of new experiences this transfer! I'm still in shock mode and I don't even know where to predict where I'm going next.

So last P-day it was fun because all of the sisters in our zone got together and I was able to teach them how to make planner holders that I was previously taught by my training Moms. :) I needed to pass the knowledge down to other sisters! They had a blast and we ate pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls, apple cider, and made ghost Tootsie Roll Pops as another craft. It was so much fun being with all of the sisters,although we didn't get a nap in and we were really tired this week!

A few of the Sisters in our Zone! 

I went on a transfer with Sister Watts and Sister Freeman, and it was so much fun! Sister Watts has also decided that she wants to go to BYU in the Spring, and be an EFY counselor as well! It's going to be great! We taught the freshman and some sophomores seminary that morning, and afterward we kinda got a little carried away with taking pictures at the pulpit. We just love preaching to the choir haha! :)

Practicing for our homecoming talks!  Wouldn't it be cool if we came home the same day and spoke in the same Sacrament meeting?

I also went on our 2nd exchange with the traveling sisters. It was so funny because it gets super dark super early, and we ended up going to the wrong houses in the dark! I was trying to stop by and see one of our potentials, and ended up going to their neighbor (that Sister Sullivan knew that was a potential) and their faces we're hilarious. Then we were trying to see M., La., and D'a., and ended up again at their neighbors house. I had to go to the bathroom, so Sister Burckle met D., C., and J.. Their Dad is Catholic, and the Mom is Baptist so there's a strain in the family because of it. We talked more about the Restoration, and invited them to be baptized. It was so cute because C. and J. said yes right away, and how they've been asking to be baptized for a long time. The girls are in volleyball and cheer so we're going to see them in a few weeks after their schedule dies down. We then found out that D'a. already invited them to church, but they had other plans, but they were a lot more interested to come after D'a. invited them. Those two families have been lifelong friends, so if they both come to church, they'll both already have a friend! :)

During the exchange with the sisters, we taught Da., who is Lo.'s oldest son. We taught him the Restoration, and he's on date to be baptized on November 15th! I'm going to be so sad if I get transferred far away, and I won't be able to get special permission to go to his baptism.

This week has been a week full of service, and I've absolutely loved it! Later on that week we helped Lo. twice with her kitchen since she's been remodeling it for a few years. Lo. wanted Da. to get a priesthood blessing for his 18th birthday, so she wanted to finish her kitchen before Saturday. It was looking great when we got there for dinner, and for the blessing. That family is just an amazing family, and I can't wait to stay in touch with them. Da. is excited to learn  more, and we're hoping that his younger brother D. (names sound familiar Faulk family?) will join in the lessons as well. We also helped clean another house this week, and I've really remembered how much I've loved serving others. I'm somewhat glad that I'm no longer an STL, so I'll have more time to do service! I'm pretty sad that I haven't been to Hope Memory, and I don't have time to go one last time. :(

I'm not going to update y'all a whole ton about our investigators since you get to love a whole bunch of new ones next week! But we were able to have a great lesson with Ja. this week. She feels a whole lot better, and she's been studying the pamphlets we've given her more. Janet agreed to have a church tour on Saturday, and it was such a spiritual experience. She was marveling over all of the paintings of Christ, and everything that was hung up on the walls. The Primary Room had Families Are Forever everywhere, and she loved the thought of it. When we were in the chapel, she couldn't deny the peace and comfort that she felt when she was standing there. We mentioned that the Primary program was tomorrow and she was very tempted to go. But sadly she didn't come, but W. did! :)  (W. is Brother and Sister R's daughter.) 

All in all, I've learned so much being here in Fayetteville, and their are many members here that will always be in my heart. I can't wait to implement some things that I've learned here to strengthen future wards. I'm really sad that I was unable to take pictures with all of the members here, but that just gives me more of an incentive to come back to Georgia and visit them! :D

I love the Park  family so much!  They said they would come to my wedding since they work for Delta.  Flying Perks! 

My name is Sister Emily Sudweeks. I'm killing off Sister Freeman so she can go home back to Utah to her family. I'm going to be a greenie's Step-Mom this upcoming transfer. I love our Heavenly Father, and the plan that he Has for me this upcoming transfer. I'm excited for the adventures that I will have for the last six months of hastening the Lord's work, and the many people that will touch my heart, and the hearts that I will touch. I know that this is Christ's church, and I will proclaim it to the world. And I'm a Mormon.

-Sister Sudweeks

Answer: Hufflepuff, they're particularly good finders. ;)

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