Monday, October 27, 2014

Hitchhikin' in the Country!

Happy Monday!

So it's really weird being on a college campus to email instead of a library... But I love how I've served in downtown Atlanta, a ritzy(ish?) area, and now the downright boonies! As I was driving to email today with Sister Stewart, I almost hit a squirrel and we both screamed hahaha! Sis Stewart admitted she would have cried if I had hit it, and I'm pretty sure I would, too! I can see a lot of myself in her, so I can understand why we're each others companions! She's from UT and loves theater probably more than I do. On the first full day together, we wore almost the exact same thing as each other and it wasn't even planned!

Sister Stewart and I

It was so much fun after our last District Meeting. Four out of the seven missionaries left Fayetteville, so we took some pretty wicked district photos. One of my favorites we hereby named "The Seven Commandments". You can figure it out if you know what each one means. :)

Seven of the Ten Commandments

The Commandment they depicted
The Triple Threat--Together One Last Time!
Being here in Covington is so different, yet the wasps and crazy critters are the same. We were having dinner my first night at a member's house, (no worries about me not being fed in this ward, a previous sister went from a size 2 to 12 in this ward,) and there was a black wasp in the house as they were setting up for dinner. During dinner I felt something in my ballet flat sock, so I scooped it out. It ended up being the black wasp! I almost screamed because I could have gotten stung, but I totally played it cool with the members. They killed it but my heart was still racing for a good minute.

The next day we were at a Relief Society activity and we were about to leave because we needed to go finding, but something prompted us to stay. A little after, someone asked if anyone had Benadryl. I carry practically everything that someone needs in my purse JUST IN CASE, so I got it really quickly. One of the sisters had a bad allergic reaction, and I know that she wouldn't have gotten it in time if we weren't there. I'm so grateful for following the promptings of the spirit!

So this area is pretty spread out, and I feel one of the reasons I'm in this area is to get it more organized and put together. We don't have a whole lot of miles for the end of this month so we've been walking a lot, and I haven't been used to walking since Atlanta, my first area! We're going to be focusing on getting new investigators closer to the church so we don't have to ask members to drive 50 miles to drive down south for an appointment. We're trying to build up our teaching pool a lot, and to get the sisters more involved in missionary work. Sister Stewart and I are going to help make this area ROCK.
So on Friday we did a lot of walking from the church to find new investigators. Boy can I just say I am SO grateful that I wasn't born in the pioneer's time, since I don't think I would have survived! I feel like one of those old time missionaries that only walked on foot. We were about to turn back to walk home after walking over an hour or so, but we knocked on one more door. We met this cute Georgian couple named C. and L. who let us right in so we could pray with them. They are the epitome of southern hospitality.They gave us water, they offered us money (which we declined) because they knew if their kids were out on missions they would want someone to do the same for their kids. They refused to let us leave their house because it was getting dark, and they insisted on driving us back to the church so we'd be safe. C. talked about how she had an LDS coworker, and asked him, "Why haven't you invited me to your church?" R. (her co-worker) replied, "God can't handle you right now!" because she used to cuss, smoke, and other things, but she's quit now. She's accepted to take the lessons,and she wants to come to church this week! Her husband L. will be out of town hunting, but I'm excited to teach him too! So I really didn't hitchhike, but close enough! :P

So last night we got D. and his kids on date to be baptized, so we have four people on date! A nine year old girl is getting baptized on the 4th as well. It was funny, I almost said, "Do y'all want to get baptized?" to D. and his kids, but I figured that wouldn't be the best.

Have a wonderful Halloween! Send me pictures of your costumes! :D

-Sister Sudweeks

P.S.  Sister Stewart broke the chair.....Actually it was already broken.   Haha! 

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