Monday, August 4, 2014

Neighborhood Drug Bust!

Happy Monday!

I am proud to announce that we didn't go over miles so we didn't have to walk everywhere in the hot, humid weather. That was a miracle and a half!

This Wednesday is my halfway point of the mission. It's funny because since the second week of July I was telling people that I was at nine months when in reality I was closer to eight. Psh, minor detail right?! I want to celebrate but I'm not entirely sure how, but I'll figure something out.

It was an interesting experience as we talked to these two teenage boys that were sitting on the curb chain smoking. They've met other missionaries before us but they weren't too interested. In the end we were able to give them a Book of Mormon and they read the last two paragraphs. They told us that they were appreciative of the fact that we respected their agency, but there are consequences to everything. We may not be teaching them, but I have a firm belief in planting seeds in people who will run into the gospel later on in life.

It was such a miracle this week when we met this woman named L! We were tracting in the evening just envisioning a family to teach. She opened the door and she was so excited to see us and to pray with her. L. mentioned they had recently moved and just 'landed' in the Church of Christ. We talked all about families and how they're so important. Sister Sullivan and I asked if we could come back, and she made sure that her entire family would be home so we could teach all of them. She has two boys and twin girls, and we can't wait to teach them this Wednesday! :)

I had an awesome time being able to help with the wedding reception. I was able to do a lot of the floral centerpieces for the tables, and it felt awesome to be able to use these skills once again. I'm not so secretly hoping that there will be more weddings in my future as I'm here in Georgia.
I LOVE arranging flowers! Thanks Aunt Vicki for introducing me to this skill!

We were able to have another lesson with V., (she is the one that's read the Book of Mormon earlier and has visited Temple Square several times) and she's been reading the Book of Mormon more consistently so we're psyched about that. V. is up to the part when Laban was killed, but she wanted to get to the part where they're in America. It's so cool to see how far she's come from the very beginning.

Ja. (she's the young woman whose mother was recently baptized before they moved to Georgia) is still pretty firm on not being baptized, but we did have a great lesson with her about the Restoration with cups. We build Christ's church starting with Jesus Christ, then next to him is the 12 apostles. Then we stack 17 principles on top of the apostles making a tower, with the priesthood authority on top of it. When the apostasy happens and the authority is lost, all that is left is the principles. Then we restore the church to it's original form and the kids loved the visual. Ja's testimony of the Restoration grew because of that lesson, I just know it. We found out that Ja. has never done any of the reading that the previous elders asked her to do in New Jersey. We explained to her that when we ask her to commit to something, it's really Jesus Christ. She read two verses of 2nd Nephi 31, so that's progress!

As we were driving home on Saturday from a member that lived near us, we saw SO many police cars by our house! There was at least a dozen sheriff cars on this field, with hidden police cars in parking lots, in addition to ambulances, two fire trucks, and police cars in neighboring streets. We saw a police officer that was running into people's back yards, and I felt like I was in Atlanta all over again! It was pretty exciting, I wonder why the Special Operations police cars were there for. We tried to get a member to Google it for us, but no luck!

Police Cars, Fire Engines, Ambulances...Oh My! 
R. is back, but in the hospital! (He's the man that's so busy that although he committed to being baptized, is too busy to attend church or be taught.) He broke his knee so we were able to arrange for him to get a priesthood blessing. His family was there and the spirit was very strong there. We saw him yesterday and he said that Heavenly Father did this to him so he would slow down and get the spiritual healing that he and his family needed. He's back on date for September 6th to be baptized, and we're excited to start teaching his family.

We've taught a couple named B. and M. who recently moved here about a month ago. They're from middle Georgia, and they have SO many questions! They have a little three year old M. Junior, and I can see them getting baptized if they get married. I now really understand the phrase, "Questions of the Soul" because not everyone knows about the Plan of Salvation. They got sick on Sunday so they were unable to come this week, but they want to! T.  came and stayed for all three hours for church so that was happy. :)  (T's the man who said if he ever gets baptized that we won't get him in a white shirt and tie.  This is his second week in a row to attend church!) 

The last district meeting before a transfer is always the best- the same thing goes with Fast Sunday. :) It was a spiritual experience during district meeting because we talked about sanctifying, purifying, and consecrating our own lives. We were able to each go into our own door (next to our companions) and really ponder about the mission that we've had so far. What we've done good at, what we can improve, and what the Lord wants us to do. I've been pondering a lot about the last nine months since I've been at my halfway point. I'm sad that it's halfway over, but I'm also excited because that means I still have another half to grow more!
My last District!  How I miss them!

One of the quotes I enjoyed at church was, "Following Christ is not a  casual or occasional practice but a continuous commitment and way of life that applies at all times and in all places." -Elder Dallin H. Oaks

We must always be fully consecrated to the Lord, and to always try to improve and progress in our lives. The life we live is all about progression, so what could you do this week to improve and progress in the gospel?

-Sister Sudweeks
P.S. These two pictures were taken at the Mission Council Training last Friday!  I ran into Sister Jackman who was with me at the MTC!  

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