Monday, August 25, 2014

Lil' M, Kidnapped?

Happy Monday!

Well, I suppose last Monday wasn't the happiest of Mondays for us because of one specific event. V. (our wonderful 70 + year old investigator) called us last Monday and told me that since the sister from California (me) is in Barnesville and the sister from Washington (Sister Warner) is in Los Mountain, she was only going to let us come by until they were both gone. Our theologies are different, and she doesn't want us to come by anymore. I tried to tell her that I was the sister from California, but she hung up on us.

I wasn't going to give up on her that easily, so we went on a blitz in our area with the traveling sisters- Sister Huntsman (one of the sisters that lived with me in Atlanta with Sister Jarman!) and Sister Burkle. Sister Burkle and I knocked on her door and she didn't open the door although her truck was there. I called her and she didn't answer, so I left a message. Fast forward a few days to Friday, Sister Sullivan and I went by again and she opened the door. I waved at her grinning, and then she closed the door just as fast saying goodbye in a bitter tone. I'm pretty sad since I know that Satan was working on her hard. I just know that she got an answer to her prayer that the Book of Mormon is true, which scared her because she's been Methodist for 70+ years.

Sister Burkle and I found an amazing new investigator named J. at the very end of the night that V. ignored us! Diligence is my saving grace, all the time!  J. loves learning about religions since she took a religion class recently, and one of the class projects was to learn about a specific religion that interested her. She knows a lot about us, but she didn't know much about the Book of Mormon. The reason why she chose ours is because one of her good friends converted to Baptist because his wife was Baptist, and it was putting a strain on their marriage. She thought to herself, "What's the difference between the two if they're both Christian?" We had her read Moroni 10:3-5, and most people just read it without much thought, but she was really dissecting it and pondering on what it meant to her. She even works for a LDS jewelry company Origami Owl, and we are seeing her tomorrow! :)

I went on another exchange on Wednesday with Sister Freeman, and we were stuck at Pep Boys for three hours as we got our oil changed, tires rotated, and then they told us we needed new tires because they were dangerous. We got Taco Bell and made weird faces as we were getting brain freezes from the slushies that we got there, it was a happy hour. :) 
Nothing like a "brain freeze" on a hot, humid Georgia day!
Not to mention we have matching shirts! :D We tracted in the pouring rain which was fun, but no one wanted to talk to us except another J., who knew V.
Love our matching shirts and love going out with Sister Freeman!

Remember T. K.? :) He's someone who was a former investigator, but I noticed that he came to church multiple times so I HAD to try to set up a lesson with him back when I was companions with Sister Warner. He's an on call therapist, and the first lesson I had with him, we talked about the church's twelve step Addiction Recovery Program. He's been to church a few times since then, and the last lesson we had with him was a mixture of the Plan of Salvation, and the Restoration because his mother in law passed away recently. Finally this week we were able to teach him the entire Restoration in the Camps home. Before we began teaching, he talked about how much he loved the church, but how he's not going to wear a white shirt and tie because he wore it way too much back in the old days. At the end of the lesson, we invited him to be baptized and he said that it wasn't a problem. Sister Camp chimed in and asked, "So when are we going to baptize you?" We all laughed and T. told Brother Camp, "Take me to your man cave!" and we all laughed again. Then we said, "In all seriousness, we're holding a baptismal service on September 13th, will you prepare yourself for that date?" T. remarks, "I don't see a problem with that!" and he whips out his calendar on his phone to make sure that he isn't working that day. MIRACLES. So exciting!

We noticed that M. and B. (our sweet couple)  were pretty distant this week, and we weren't entirely sure why. Apparently when they were at the church for the tour, B. had a feeling that if they went to church, Lil' M. would get kidnapped in nursery. She's had feelings like this before, and sometimes they come true and sometimes they don't. We tried to console her as she cried and told us about an experience when it did come true about her papa dying. Sister Wood, (a member of our ward) was with us and she has a child in nursery as well. She explained to her that Lil' M. doesn't have to go to nursery, he could stay with her for all three hours. We asked her to pray about it to see if this feeling is from God, or from Satan. She agreed to do that on Friday, but they didn't come to church yet once again. We asked if we could come again this week to make sure that they weren't dropping us, and they aren't thankfully. We'll just have to help her realize that Lil' M. won't be in danger at church.

L. (the mother of T) and Ta. (the daughter of T who accepted the baptismal invitation on her front porch the first night we met) came to church this week, so if L. comes to church again this week, they're all on track to be baptized on the 6th of September! It's been great teaching them because I feel that they are so pure, and they've been so prepared to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

R. B. (our awesome investigator who sadly broke his knee) is being released from rehab this week, but he won't be able to put weight on his leg until October, so we'll have to push back his baptism. I don't know if I'll see him baptized, but I know he's solid! He's already inviting his family to the appointments we have with him, such as his cousin B., who has been an ordained minister for four years. Sister Sullivan and I were worried that this could have gone downhill pretty quickly, but we were planning on teaching him baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It went really well, and B. actually had the elders come over once, but when she prayed about it, she thought it wasn't for her. The spirit was there, and it seems like B. isn't going to try and stop R. from being baptized, since he was talking about the entire time about how excited he was and how it's a necessity.

Sister Stanton did an AMAZING job with her seminar on the History of Christianity. We had Bi. and Bo. (the two brothers) come, and boy did she deliver!  My testimony of the apostasy really grew as I learned about how the Christian beliefs were so distorted after all of the apostles were killed off because of the wickedness IN the church, and not just the people outside of the church. We have a couple in our ward that owns a printing press so I helped make flyers last week so we could pass them out to everyone. We had a few non members come (not entirely sure how many because multiple wards came) and Sister Stanton invited one of the workers at Target who she always buys popcorn from.  He came and now wants to take the lessons. J. lives in Atlanta, but I know the Atlanta missionaries will take care of him since he is super interested in learning more!
At District Meeting we were all waiting for our turns for interviews with President. Elder Talbot said something awesomely profound, and it makes my heart sing. "We use obedience to increase our faith, but Satan uses our imperfections to discourage us." Like whoa.. It made me feel so much better, and then when President told me that I was a great success, and that Heavenly Father is very pleased with me, I wanted to cry with happiness because the spirit testified to me that it was true. He mentioned I can roll with the punches, go with the flow, and that's what a leader needs. So now I will always remember that when I emphasize my imperfections, it's what Satan is trying to do to discourage me, and I won't let him!

I hope everyone will have a fabulous last week of August! Can you believe it's almost September? I can't!

-Sister Sudweeks

P.S. You know you're in the South when you have Bible verses in your eggs.

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