Monday, August 18, 2014

Getting Hit On in Rehab! Fail!!!

Happy Monday!

What a crazy, stressful, happy, successful, tiring week!

R. (this is the man who broke his knee) is doing great, he's going to be such an awesome member because he wants us to teach all of his friends, and he wants us to teach them in their home so he can help teach the lessons as well. He's still on track for baptism, and his therapy seems to be going well.

We were able to have a church tour with B. and M. this week, (this is the couple with the greatest
Southern accent) and they're continued reading and listening to the Book of Mormon. B. has read up to 1st Nephi 17 which is pretty exciting, and M. is on the 2nd CD because we haven't been able to find anyone to teach him how to read yet. Satan is trying really hard to keep them out of church, so they haven't been able to go because of sickness.

It was really exciting because Alma 32- which talks a lot about faith has been our go to scripture for this week. We were reading it with multiple people that helped them realize that they need to experiment upon the words and make the effort to learn. Ja (she's the teenage daughter of a recent convert that recently moved to Fayetteville)  finally prayed in front of us, and she was paying attention as we were reading it so that was a miracle. She too was able to come to church since none of her family members were sick this week.

As we were tracting a few days ago, we were walking up to a door and I felt this most awful pain in my back on the right side. I knew that I had just got stung and I was flipping out! Apparently there was a red hornet's nest in the bush that we had walked on by, and I had made it mad somehow. We had to go home because I'll admit I was crying since I've never been stung by anything before, and it was pretty painful. It was pretty bad when we looked at it, and it's still inflamed and I have no idea how to make it go down.

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

It was so awesome because I was able to see a friendly face as I was on exchanges with the Barnesville sisters! Sister Watts! Now there's a picture you can put up at the church building back home of us two :) Except the sun was in our eyes, blah. She was a little piece of home for 24 hours, and we had quite a few crazy adventures that included getting cussed out for being on someone's porch as they opened the door, seeing a little kid accidentally having his hand slammed in the car door from his Dad, one of their recent converts talked about how we were bringing Jesus to the hood, an investigator almost throwing up in front of us because she was sick, and my favorite one of them all? We were seeing one of their investigators that put himself into rehab so he could quit drinking because he really wants to be baptized. As we were reading the scriptures with him there was another guy who was trying to seduce us by moving his eyebrows up and down while putting on spray deodorant. So enticing, really. Haha! He knew we were reading scriptures with G. so he talked to us as we were leaving, "God is good! I am so blessed! Be blessed!" and all that jazz. Oh man.

How fun is this?  Two sisters serving in the same mission and in the same zone from the same home ward?  
T., (the woman who we met and accepted a baptismal commitment as we were visiting on her front porch the first time we met) Ta (her daughter)  and Le (her mom). are still doing well. They told me that they missed me as I was on exchanges, and gave me a huge hug. They loved hearing about the Plan of Salvation, and T. and Ta. were at church. Since they were so full of gratitude the first week that they were there about how happy they were being there, everyone knows who they are so they're making a lot of friends. Fayetteville Ward rocks!

I was able to see Sister Stephens again as we were in their area on Friday, my MTC Mom! We were able to catch up, and help them find more investigators since they are brand new to the ward. We both couldn't believe that it's been nine months already.

Sister Stephens--My MTC Mission "Mom"

Bi. and Bo. (the two brothers--Bi used to be an elder in the Jehovah's Witnesses)  are doing well, and Bi. has been reading the Book of Mormon. We're thinking that we'll have to have their  lessons separate because they're on such different levels when it comes to learning and knowledge about what we believe.

One thing that made me think this week was Heavenly Father literally gives us everything, but the only thing that He wants us in return is our will. One of the reasons why He wants our will is because His purpose and plan for us is what will make us the happiest in the end.

-Sister Sudweeks

P.S.  Now I can say I've met Justin Bieber! First Obama, now Bieber!  I look somewhat sick in this picture, but I promise I'm not!

He doesn't seem nearly as excited to meet me! 

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