Monday, February 23, 2015

I Got Re-Assigned?!

Happy Monday!

So this is going to be a very interesting email seeing as I forgot my planner (and so did Sister Stewart) which had what I wanted to write about today. This is a pattern of what it's been like since we've moved on Friday. We didn't want to unpack anything (or we just threw it in Thursday night/Friday morning and couldn't find it.) because we didn't know if one of us was leaving on this transfer. We both keep forgetting things, or losing things, sad day!

So there was an ice storm this past week, and we were told Monday night that we weren't going to the temple because it was snowing in Sandy Springs (where the temple is at) so we hardly had any appointments on Tuesday because it was going to be an all day temple trip and zone training day! Same thing happened when we were told on Tuesday that we were going to go to the temple on Thursday. Wednesday night we were told that the temple wouldn't be fully staffed because most of the temple workers live up north (and we still were having icy weather), so we went to the Conyers building instead. Since we didn't go to the temple, zone training wasn't as long, but we didn't have any appointments set up for Thursday. But it gave us time to do more service to get our apartment ready, and to try to see more less actives in the western part of our ward (we can never afford the miles to get there.)
Our Conyers Zone Training

Back to the ice storm, it happened Monday night, but it melted by Tuesday morning when we were driving to help finish the apartment up in time to have us move in on Friday, and I'm really glad we went. :) We found a family where we practically taught them the Restoration during the initial contact. They let us in right away, and they wanted us to come back on Friday. We were so excited to have a return appointment since it's been a good minute since we've found investigators, but we forgot to get their number... They weren't there on Friday and we were so bummed! But they live less than 5 miles away from us so we're going to drop in on them when we can. :)

On Wednesday it was so exciting because we were asked to assist in teaching the Beehives for Mutual. Sister Miessner (anyone from Stockton remember that family's name 22 years ago?) wanted the Beehives to go on missions, so they got to get mission calls, and I was re-assigned to Madrid, Spain! We had language study, the MTC, and so on. It was so cute and fun! At the very end, all of the Beehives were able to ask both of us questions about being missionaries. One of the girls was so adorable and wanted to be a news reporter and write down all of our answers because she had pre-written hers out. All of the Beehives said they wanted to go on a mission, and it was fun bearing my testimony on how I was able to decide to go on a mission, and how a mission is the best thing ever! At the end, we had 'minion'aries that were Twinkies for the treat. :) You can't really see the 'minion'aries in the picture, but close enough!
These cute Beehives will make GREAT sister missionaries!
We have been able to teach Va. and Sha., and they have been reading the Book of Mormon again, and we're so proud of them! We taught them the Word of Wisdom, and since Da. has been a fabulous member missionary, they already knew what it was. They have been keeping it since they knew what the blessings were from keeping it, and it was one of the easiest Word of Wisdom lessons I've ever had the entire mission. All of them were super sick (Da. included) for church and Satan is trying so hard for them not to go to church! It's awful! We had to tell them last week that one of us might be getting transferred, and they were so upset, and Sha. even prayed that we wouldn't leave :( They didn't like the thought that I'd be going home in April.

We were able to move on Friday, and we woke up early Friday since we started packing on Thursday (I will never procrastinate the day of packing ever again) because ya know, we're missionaries. We do missionary-like stuff, and we can't afford to go home and pack. We prayed that we would be able to clean and pack by the time the moving trailer got here at 10:30. Well, let's just say Heavenly Father knows we're not superhuman, and so he made the trailer get lost, and got there 2 hours after they said they would! We packed and cleaned for 6 hours straight, and I've never been more tired in my life after that!

Jo. is doing fabulous, and she came to church once again this week. We met her Mom as she dropped her off for dinner at a members home. Jo. told us at church that she read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet (even though she had the lesson in Young Women's a few weeks back) and then read it again before dinner just to make sure. She is such a seeker of the truth, and Jo. helped us teach the Plan of Salvation because she is like a sponge, and loves hearing knowledge. We gave her a baptismal calendar so we're going to be seeing her before Mutual, and on Sunday. She's hoping that her parents will come around, and they've been reading the Restoration pamphlet that we gave to her, to give to them. Her Mom is coming around more, and we hope that they'll start coming to the lessons as well. Jo.'s excited that she's getting baptized on Pi Day 3.14.15 say what?! She gave the closing prayer for the first time, and it was one of the most sincere prayers I've heard in a long time. :) Members are SO important in Hastening the Work of Salvation! Member referrals are the most promising referrals that we can ever get, and I invite all y'all to be aware on who needs the gospel in your life.

So, I am sad to announce that Sister Stewart and I will no longer be companions. This morning we were both freaking out about the phone call because we weren't sure what was going to happen. I pranked her and made our phone ring because I was 'choosing' a ringtone and she freaked out big time during personal study. When she realized it was a joke she got up out of her chair (stubbed her foot on her desk whoops!) and punched me in the arm two times. The funny part was that not even 5 minutes later, the phone rang again and I squealed like a girl, and we couldn't find the phone! Sister Stewart is leaving me for another companion, and she's going to be an STL where she'll be serving. :) I'll be getting a new companion for my last transfer!

I am just so grateful for the time that I have to dedicate myself fully to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is no greater work that I could be doing! I'm grateful for the experiences and the lessons that I've learned thus far, and I can't wait to see what this last transfer brings. 

-Sister Sudweeks

P.S. The picture with all of the kids I've attached- I've decided that we're related (their parents are from Lodi) because all of the girls have such curly hair and we look so alike! Cutest kids ever, and I'm so glad that I get to see them for another transfer! :) They hug us sister missionaries every time they see us.


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