Monday, February 2, 2015

Cannibals in Covington!

Happy Monday!

Man, what a week. 

Another thing that we were invited to do with members was to have them more involved with what we do when they're coming out with us. We had Sister Pearce with us Monday evening after they fed us, and our appointment fell through. If something falls through, then something greater is about to come to pass. We had a list of investigators that we could go see, and so we prayed that we would have a unanimous decision on who we should go see. Sister Pearce picked the place, and it was amazing! We ended up seeing Mi., who is related to the recent converts in our ward. Sister Stewart taught them the Restoration when I was on exchanges, but then they got busy due to the holidays. We ended up teaching Ka. the Restoration on the spot, and she accepted to be baptized on February 21st! Her brother J. was also taught the Restoration while I was on exchange, is now being taught by the elders, and is getting baptized on the same day. How cool is that?! Mi. came to church this week, and she loved it. :)

It was pretty sad, but we had arranged to see Pa. (our Jehovah's Witness friend) and T. at the church because they live only 3 minutes away from the church, and they never showed up. We called them, either they hung up on us, or didn't answer. We're not entirely sure what happened to them, but P's family may have gotten to him. :( We're going to stop by P's one day this week to see if we'll be able to figure out what happened.
A fun card that we found at a random store...

As we had gotten the invitation to tract around members, we had a miracle before we had dinner with one of our members. We met a woman named Sh., and she immediately let us in once we told her that we're representatives of Jesus Christ. She has four kids- J. (10), Jer. (9), Z. (6), and Je (5). We knelt down, and prayed for the family, and for Je. to feel better because she was getting sick. As I was praying, Je. spoke up and told Sh., "Mommy, I'm feeling better!" it was so precious, and the spirit in the house was very strong. Sh. told us that they had just moved into the area a year ago, and her husband told the family that our church was going to be their church home because it was the closest. They tried to go to church on December 31st (Bible study?) but no one was there. Then we knocked on the door, and it was amazing!

Later on that week, we taught the kids the Restoration, but Sh. was making dinner, talking to her friend, and on the phone in the kitchen while we were in the living room with the kids. She was partially paying attention, but not really. We were so bummed, but Sh. told us that we could come back anytime so we're seeing them tomorrow. Sh. told us that they went to a church that only spoke Creole, and so she wants someone to teach the kids about Christ. We're hoping we'll be able to get Sh.'s full attention at the lesson tomorrow when we watch the Restoration DVD.

We did some service for a member in our ward, and we were able to help her outside with all of her goats! She's having so many baby goats recently, and one was born just before we got there. May I say I never realized how adorable baby goats are?! They just prance around looking all cute and all that jazz. Sister Denison told us that she likes to name the goats to remember when they were born, so now there are two baby goats named after both of us. I've never had someone named after me! (Of course my niece Marie was, if her name was Emily it'd be too obvious.) ;) As I was feeding the goats, one of them bit me and now I can say a goat bit me haha!

Va. and Sh. are still doing well, we don't know when everyone is moving, but we taught them the Law of Chastity, and the Ten Commandments this week with Ca. and Da. That was a crazy hectic lesson in itself!

We saw D. and Se. again this week, but the Mom wasn't there again. Since tax season is getting closer and closer, she's now working 7 days a week. We've collectively decided that it would be best to hold off their baptism until the Mom can take the kids to church herself, rather than having to rely on someone else to give them a ride. We're still going to do service and teach them every week, because the Mom really wants to take them to church if she ever has a Sunday off.

So last P-day, we spent the majority of our day at a members house. She told us that her chickens would eat anything, including chicken nuggets. So, what did we do for part of our P-day? Well, feed her chickens chicken nuggets of course! It was pretty hilarious, and I can't believe that chickens are such cannibals. ;) 
Introducing Covington's Cannibals!
This week we're having a sisters P-day, and we're tye-dying shirts and it's absolutely freezing and windy outside. We'll see how they turn out!

I hope that everyone is doing well!

-Sister Sudweeks

P.S. So... I realized I have a lot of leopard print, so I put it all on and I asked Sister Stewart if she'd still be my friend if I walked out like this in public. She said no. xD


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