Monday, December 22, 2014

Temporary Epedemic in Covington!

Happy Monday!

I absolutely loved going to the temple this past week, and having a Christmas devotional with half of the mission dedicated to the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. There was beautiful musical numbers (Sister Stewart included because I was getting sick) and videos that pierced my heart. One of my favorite lines from the video, "Reasons Behind Christmas" was, "We put the Christ in Christmas when we give gifts that He would want us to give." I started to reflect on what I wanted to give Christ this year, and I've been able to make some of my New Year Resolutions for myself as a missionary, and myself when I go home next year.

They fed us a delicious Christmas lunch as part of our Christmas Devotional    
I love my companion!
We were able to have another lesson with Sab. and her two little girls, and they were absolutely precious. Since Sab. and the entire family has gotten the flu on steroids, they weren't able to read the Book of Mormon since we've last seen them, so we read the first chapter with them. The spirit is strong in their household, and I love how the girls were paying attention the entire time. After we read Sab. asked them to recite chapters of the Bible. These six and seven year olds were quoting the entire chapter of Psalms 100, and other chapters! We met Sab.'s two teenaged daughters as we were leaving, and we're teaching them tomorrow the Restoration. I can't wait to see the progression of this family!

Na. E. introduced us to her daughter, N., and she is such a sweetheart! We had a great dinner with them, and Na. even made us a cute little nativity that I'll have to take a picture of next week. She gave it to us because everyone needs a nativity for their apartment apparently! :) She asked a lot of questions about missionary life, and the younger N. took a religion comparative class her first semester of college. She admitted that she was going to read her notes before she came over, but she really couldn't remember anything that we believed besides Joseph Smith finding the gold plates. They both went to a Relief Society activity after dinner, and they loved spending time with us that evening. We're hoping to teach them a real lesson in the near future when they're available next.

We've continued teaching Da., Ap., and Ca., and we're praying for a White Christmas! The details aren't set yet, but Da. walked out of her baptismal interview and waved her baptism record in the air rejoicing, "totally crushed it." It was so precious because Da. drew us three pages of pictures for us, and we already have them on our apartment wall to admire them whenever we sit down. :) Ca. is close to getting there, and I'll be sure to tell my family what the verdict is when I Skype with them on Christmas Day! Ap. is going to take a little while longer, but I know that she'll be baptized eventually. Da. and Ca. went to a baptism last Saturday, and I loved seeing the look in their eyes and the smiles on their faces as they witnessed a baptism. I have loved seeing their conversion from the very beginning, and who knew that we would baptize someone that we've met at Waffle House?
Best church sign ever? Fall in love with Jesus? Don't you mean, Love Jesus? :D
A lot of our investigators have been sick the past few weeks, and it's taking a toll on teaching them! At least half a dozen of our investigators have gotten sick this week, and I've also been one of them. Hopefully the body aches and migraines aren't a sign that I'm getting the 10 day long flu, since who wants to be sick on Christmas?! As that lovely sign says, I hope y'all have a country Christmas! :)

Sorry that it's a short email, but I hope that everyone has a great Christ filled Christmas! What are you going to give the Savior this year?

-Sister Sudweeks
P.S.  Look!  It's my Root Beer! 


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