Monday, December 1, 2014

Old Man Stripping While Tracting?!

Happy Monday!

Haha, I betcha can't wait for the explanation of the subject title eh? Well I guess you'll just have to wait. :)

FHE with Ro. and the Tuberville's went fabulously! We're having FHE again tonight at Ro.'s house, but we're going to be providing the lesson The last FHE was all about how we are a child of God, and we even made sugar cookie people and decorated them as each other. Sister Turberville made Ro., Ro. made me, and I made Sister Stewart! It was fun getting to see Ro. and the Turberville's making such a strong friendship. Ro. didn't come to church because she's making Thanksgiving dinner all by herself, and she's pretty stressed about it. We're sad because she hasn't been reading or listening to the Book of Mormon either. We're hoping to see her twice a week because we're not really teaching her Preach My Gospel lessons during FHE because the Turbervilles have a three year old Gracie, and Ro's granddaughter Ka. who's ten doesn't have a long attention span.

I am a Child of God Family Home Evening
We had a wonderful lesson with Ca., Ap., and Da. (whoops, found out we were spelling her name wrong) about the Plan of Salvation. We used visuals to explain it simply, and at the end we asked if they had any questions, and Ca. asked what we had to do to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. We told him that he needed to live the gospel of Jesus Christ-  Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. He asked us when the next baptism was, and we had to explain to him that he had to be taught all of the lessons first, and to gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He then got his notebook out, and started to take notes about the gospel of Jesus Christ, it was so precious! Ap. (the mom) has already read part of the Book of Mormon although she works 12 hour shifts at night, and she told us she wants to read it more. She mentioned to us that she is really grateful for us coming over because she just went through a bad breakup, and looks forward to us coming because of how she feels. Ap. doesn't want to commit to a baptismal date yet because she's had a lot of bad experiences with other churches. She wants to come and feel the spirit, and then make her decision. We called them on Saturday to make sure that they were coming, but Ap. told us that her Mom was in town, and that she wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. We were so bummed because none of them came, and we don't think that Ap. will have Saturday night off again this week, or next week. There's only two more Sundays until the 13th, and Da, and Ap. have to come to church at least twice before they can get baptized. 

We were able to see J. again, the guy that slammed the door in our face because a red hornet got into his house. It was SUPER awkward because we parked across the street from his house, and we started to make calls and discuss a few things before we planned on going to see him. Then his Dad came up to our car, asking if we needed help. We said no, and asked if J. was home. He declined, and told us that he was a fixing to come home soon, and that he'd be back soon. We thanked him, and we were really unsure what to do because we wanted to see him because we were in the area, but we didn't want to go to any of the other doors around him. A few minutes later, he came home (and we didn't know) and J. walked up to our car. We set up a return appointment for tomorrow, and apparently he's taking a religion class this semester so he's interested to compare the two. So awkward, but at least we're teaching him tomorrow hey hey! :)

Elder Kopischke was absolutely amazing on Thursday, and so was his wife. She is so cute and adorable, and I loved how she quoted Disney! He invited us to think of a question that we wanted answered, and to write it down. Ponder about it, and then promised us that it would be answered by the time it was over. Then he invited us to do the same thing with our investigators when it came to church. Have them have a question in mind before church starts, and then promise them it would be answered. One of my favorite quotes that he quoted from Elder Bednar was, "You have been called for what you will become in the future, and not for what you've done in the past." It gave me so much comfort because now I know how much potential Heavenly Father sees with me in the future, and that He knows I can do great things in the Covington Ward. Da. was able to come to the fireside Thursday night, and she enjoyed it. It was a great reunion because it was mission wide, and I was able to see people from Atlanta, Fayetteville, and some of my favorite missionaries! I loved seeing Sister Sullivan, Burrows, Watts, and many others. :)
The Atlanta, Georgia Temple is stunning at night!
Af. (the Muslim woman we're teaching) was unable to come to the fireside, but she made it to church, and LOVED the talk that Sister Stewart gave about grace. We're not sure where to go with her, but we'll continue to work on increasing her faith in the Book of Mormon!

So we were out tracting on Saturday and we saw this old man with crazy tattoos check his mail and walk into a house that says, "Beware of Dog" on it. We stared at it and Sister Stewart said, "I really don't want to, but the Spirit is telling me really strongly that we need to go to that house." We knocked on a few doors along the way, and we finally knocked on the door we were scared to go to. We ended up meeting that old man St., and he was actually really nice! (Shocker, right? The Spirit tells us to do something, and it's only for good!) We found out that he was a three time cancer survivor, and he loves God will his whole heart and soul. All of the tattoos he has he got a few years ago, and they're all religious. He has tattoos all on his neck, his shoulders, chest, and then he took off his shirt to show the tattoo he has of Christ on his back. Lets just say.. our eyes were huge when he did that! He LOVED to talk, and he talked about how he was high on Christ and God's love. He accepted a Restoration pamphlet, and we briefly talked about the Restoration. Since it was the holidays this week, he didn't want to set a return appointment, but he promised to read and pray about the pamphlet we gave him. We got his number so we can call him to see how he liked it, and that we're welcome to come back anytime. He is one of my list that I'll never forget how I met him initially!

The last thing that I really loved about seeing Elder Kopischke was when he showed us the Bible Video of Peter walking on water. When Peter looked away from the Savior, that's when he started to sink. So if we always look toward the Savior, we will not sink and will have enough faith to overcome any trials we're going through. It was also cool that Elder Kopischke and his wife sat at our table during lunch in between trainings. :)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

-Sister Sudweeks
P.S.  Sister Stewart is multitasking as she eats a quick snack and looks up where we need to go next.

One last birthday picture. 

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