Monday, March 3, 2014

"Tracting" in the ER

Happy Monday!

Sister J. and I were sick again this week. Surprise, surprise. This has been the week that we were the most sick, and so we didn't see many of our investigators consistently this week. We have zone training along with the temple this Wednesday, and we're meeting with the Relief Society President right afterward to talk about less actives, so we won't be able to see any investigators at all on Wednesday. Saturday Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve is coming to the mission, and we'll have to drive about an hour to go hear him speak for two hours. But of course, we have to be there early to get good seats, so that will take up even more time. We also have a BAPTISM at 11am on Saturday for R.! So exciting! But hey, it'll all work out since we're hastening the work of salvation. :)

We taught R. the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday, and we had just found out from his fellowshipper Sister E. that he smoked cigarettes. On Monday I was at the self check-out fighting on whether or not that I should buy some mints. Sister J. gave me her Tic-Tacs that she didn't want, so I was there for the longest time, until I settled on buying them anyway. We found out R. has quit before, and used sweets or peppermints to help him fight off the cravings. I had the mints in my purse and asked him if he would like them, and he graciously accepted. He quit smoking and drinking coffee cold turkey. :D Yay for listening to the promptings of the Spirit! Sister J. was somewhat judging thinking, "I gave her mints, why is she buying them?!" So, that was a cool lesson.

We met an entertaining person on MARTA after our lesson with R.  Anyway, he was using the excuse that he has never rode MARTA before and doesn't know how to get to Roswell. Sister J. was more than happy to show him how to get there and use MARTA assistance to get directions to a certain place. I could tell from the very beginning he was interested in her, but she was oblivious. She was talking to him about the Book of Mormon, and gave him a copy of it. He said, "To thank you, can I take you out to dinner?" She totally blushed and looked away since she had no idea it was coming. He said, "You're blushing." which made her blush even more! She had to explain to him that we're missionaries and we don't date on our missions. He then asked her, "Well if you could, would you?" She was dying, and thankfully it was our stop so she got his number, gave him ours, and ran off the train! We gave E. to the elders to see what his real intents are, and so far his aunt is answering the phone and they can't get in contact with him. Oh well! xD

Sister J. was leaning back in her chair one day, and she fell off her chair! I laughed so hard because she left a little black line on the wall, but we were able to scrub that off. I continued to read my scriptures when she found out that she ripped her skirt almost all the way up to the zipper! It was a long skirt with a slit in the back to her knee, but it ripped up so far! She didn't realize it at first and as she was walking around our apartment thought, “Wow, it’s a little breezy.” She told me what happened and showed me and I literally fell out of my chair cracking up, rolling around the floor! Before last week I couldn't have said that I've rolled on the floor laughing, but now I can!

We saw K.  earlier last week, and one of the only things that is holding him back from getting baptized is that he's unsure that our church really has the proper priesthood authority. We tried to get the Bishop to come meet him since he's unable to come to church since he’s so busy taking care of his sick parents, but the Bishop had a very busy week.. Hopefully this week! We talked about fasting, and how we can fast to really come to know an answer to a question- considering he keeps on praying and hasn't gotten an answer yet. We were supposed to have a group fast for him on Sunday, but he never answered the phone Sunday morning. Sister J. and I fasted for him anyway, so we hope that we can get in contact with him and see how he's doing.

We haven't been able to go see our wonderful Sister B this week. Considering there are three sets of missionaries who go over there regularly, sometimes we have to schedule accordingly. Since we were sick all of the end of last week, we had to reschedule and reschedule all of our appointments. Sister B. wasn't at church since her husband has a viral infection that just keeps pounding him. We're going over there tomorrow to see how they're doing. We're going to team up with the elders and reteach her all of the lessons and ask her to pray about each one so her testimony can be strengthened. We're not going to focus so much on baptism but testimony, so hopefully one day she'll realize to herself, "I need to do this."  In a Karma the dog update, one of their adult children purchased a chain to tie him up so he’ll stay in their yard since they don’t have a fence.  Yeah!  No police visits this past week!  (At least I don’t THINK there were any police visits this past week.)  The B.’s thankfully did not go to jail. 

We met a man named C. on MARTA, and he was drunk. He came up to us and said the most interesting things. He then said we have 2 minutes to sell him on our church. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and he started to walk us home because he lives near us! We were afraid he WAS going to walk us home, because we thought he was.. interesting. We set up an appointment with him, and he actually showed up on Saturday! He was born Catholic and raised Christian. He googled Mormonism before he went to the appointment, since he's gone to many other churches and he's searching and thirsting for knowledge. He accepted to be baptized if he came to the conclusion that this church is true, but no date yet. We're hoping for the 22nd, if not a week later. 

We met with him Sunday night because he worked the night shift, otherwise he would have been to church on Sunday (he works one Sunday a month). We taught him in a wonderful member’s home, and for once he's an investigator with transportation AND a stable job. YAY. Haha! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he loved it. He compares all of the other religions to ours, and he likes ours so much better. He was talking about how some of our beliefs were some of his beliefs before he even met us. C. told us that a few days before he met us, he was asking God what his purpose in life was, and we answered it for him! He told us that he read 40 pages of the Book of Mormon (including the last 5 because he wanted the spoilers), and explaining it to us what he read perfectly. He understood it all! We are just amazed, because he's so receptive to it all, and he really loves meeting with us. Last night we asked when we could see him again and he said Monday, but then we had to tell him it was our day off. So we're meeting with him Tuesday, and teaching the Word of Wisdom. I'm buying mints today just in case! I think it'll be my little thing when we teach it.

Also on MARTA we met a 'false prophet' who was wearing a robe, cloak, fake beard, and had a huge staff. He was testifying about the Falcons and how God has delivered his people, and he will deliver the Falcons all the way to the Super Bowl! Someone was recording him and I thought it was just hilarious. I wish I had my camera!

Sister J. lost her voice, and had all of these symptoms so we had to inform our nurse Sister L. I had to do all of the lessons, phone calls, and basically everything when it came to missionary work. It was draining, but now I appreciate having a companion more than ever since her voice came back Saturday night. We had to go to the ER since no urgent care was available, to have a check up to make sure nothing horribly serious was wrong with her. We did our two hours of “finding” there, but no one was really interested. She has an upper respiratory tract infection, aka a fancy name for the common cold, and was given antibiotics. She was told to rest and that's what we did all day on Friday.

I got a priesthood blessing since I was so worn out and tired. It didn't help that I didn't take any naps on Sunday or Monday due to writing letters and Scrapbooking for Scriptures (can I get a copyright for that?) so my immune system couldn't handle it. In the blessing it talked about how my family and friends are praying for me through my trials and afflictions, and I should receive strength from that. So thank you so much for praying on my behalf, it helps me get through a long day when I just want to rest my feet.

I hope that everyone is still progressing. I feel like that's my motto when I write to everyone back home that one should always be progressing spiritually. I don't remember if I've mentioned this quote before, (I know I have in some letters) "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do NOTHING." (Edmund Burke)  If we're idle then we're letting the adversary win. Always be serving others and trying to be better now than who you were yesterday. I love you all so very much, and it's crazy to think I will be out 4 months on Thursday! There is no greater service than this. :)

-Sister Sudweeks

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