Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Have a Testimony of Wendy's

December 23, 2013

So, I feel really bad.

I've been typing up long e-mails each week, and I found out I've been sending them to the wrong e-mail address! So now you get FOUR weeks of e-mails, in just this week! Merry Christmas to you, this is my present from me! [=

We wanted to have a tree for Christmas, so last P-day I bought a string of light and we shaped it into a little ghetto Christmas tree on our wall! It kept on falling, (and it was really embarrassing when maintenance came and saw it) so we decided to put it across our patio doors instead.  

Our pathetic Christmas Tree
Monday was a very eventful day. We are advised to have an appointment after P-day, which is from 10am-6pm. Sister Jarman and I taught these three younger women about the Plan of Salvation in a kinda sorta sketch place, and ended the lesson around 8 pm, so it was already dark. We assured them that we were about to get on a bus so we'd be safe. Well, we missed the bus by literally 30 seconds. We ran after it but admitted defeat. We started off on our trek to a semi safe bus stop. Sister Jarman and I had to walk at least a mile to get to a bus stop that had a light and a bench. We figured that the bus would be coming soon, so we waited, and waited--and waited. We called Sister Bird and Walton and told them that we missed our bus, but they were in an appointment. Long story short, we got on a bus around 9pm, just as the sisters were saying that they'd come pick us up. But we didn't want to stay at that station any longer because we didn't feel safe, so we got on the bus. That bus then took us to Metro Transitional Center, aka jail. We were going to wait for the sisters to pick us up but a police officer said we couldn't stay there because there were inmates around the corner. So we got back on the bus, and we thought it was going to take us to Civic Center station, but as of last Saturday, the bus routes and times have completely changed, and they didn't update the route papers. So the bus driver took us to Five Points (which is once again a complete sketch area). We were on that bus going to Five Points for at least an hour and twenty minutes. Since it was P-day we didn't eat much. We usually eat around 8 pm for dinner. I was hungry, exhausted, dehydrated, you name it. I was even getting sick because of the way the bus driver was driving. All in all, we got home around 10:30pm and we were completely shaken up. We vowed that we'd never get on a bus ever again. (But of course we've been on bus ever since).

Also, we were going to drop LaWanda, but we found out that she was very, very sick to the point that she couldn't do anything. She finally answered her door and she's back and ready to learn! So we're hoping she'll get baptized on the 11th of January. Sophia keeps on cancelling her appointments so who knows if she'll further progress or not.

I went on exchanges with Sister Walton, and I was in the other sisters' area. We taught some amazing lessons, and I'll try to share some of them if I have time. But we went to Wendy's and there were these two men Cedric and Larry, teaching these four boys how to play chess. We watched them and talked to them about chess and how we are missionaries, and then got our food. After, they motioned us over and said that they'll teach us how to play. Sister Walton and I told them that they could teach us, as long as we could teach them something. I started to teach them about the Restoration, and Joseph Smith and the First Vision. Larry was just completely engrossed in what I was saying, and the spirit was so strong. Cedric was telling the little boys that they needed to pay attention, because they needed to learn some knowledge. We gave them Sister Walton's contact information, and all of the little boys were talking about how we were so cute, "especially that one" pointing at me. One of the little boys actually gave me and Sister Walton a hug and it was pretty hilarious that 12 year old boys and younger had crushes on us.

At church yesterday, Cedric came to church by himself! I don't know if Sister Walton contacted him or not.  I greeted him at the door and I sat by our investigator, Loren. Now they're going to teach him and he seemed pretty interested in the church. I really wish I could teach him!

Sunday night, we had inspiration to go on the #162 bus, wanting to go to Natalie and Barney’s car—that is where they currently live. We ended up missing our stop because we started to talk to a woman named Shamel. She is amazing and we really hope that she wants to meet with us. We gave her a Book of Mormon and gave her a pamphlet on the Restoration. We also met Estella who has met with the missionaries before, and she really wants to meet with missionaries again so we got her contact information. We also met a woman and two little kids, and they said that they would try to come to church because they love going to other churches to see what they are like. Sister Jarman and I feel like there's a lot of potential in those people, so we're excited to see what happens. It was so sad because we talked to the bus driver when it was only us on a bus, but we forgot to give him a Restoration pamphlet! But he said that he's always there on the weekends and we should come visit him again so we plan on it.

I am so excited for this Christmas week! I know that so many great things will happen if we have Jesus Christ on our mind. I challenge all of you to have that missionary moment this week, and tell people about our church. Pray to have missionary moments, and have faith that the spirit will guide you on what to say. What I learned this week was to have faith is 'to act'. If you don't act, then you really have no faith. So that's what I'm going to try and work on this week. I love you all very much, and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Remember what Christmas is all about, and spend as much time with your families!

-Sister Sudweeks

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