Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unathorized Aura Reading!

Happy Monday!

It was sad because Jo. got sick yesterday, so she and her Mom were unable to make it to church yesterday. We haven't met with them at all this week due to An. (the Dad) working long hours during the weekdays, so we can only meet with them on weekends. This week is stake conference in Conyers, so maybe they'll go to that.

It was pretty amusing because we had to get our oil changed this week, and we were listened to the Singles Ward soundtrack (only the children songs and hymns) as we parked. We got to wait around for a while and when we got back into the car, the original song we were listening to was already finished. We realized that they had listened to Popcorn Popping, and I Belong to the Church, hey hey! Sister Buhler and I were doing missionary work even though we weren't trying! Pretty sure they thought we were crazy when they heard the Popcorn Popping song though... Oh well, what can you do? 

Sha. was rehired at Waffle House this week, but we're not entirely sure if that counts for him getting a job that meets Ap.'s approval. (Remember Ap.?  She's Va., Ca.'s and Da.'s mom who used to be an investigator.) He was told to reapply in 30 days with the other interview that he had, so hopefuly he'll get that job in a month. We went to the Goodwill in Conyers to see if they had any wedding dresses or yellow formal dresses for Va.. We found one but she has to try it on because there's a no return policy there. We can't afford to buy a dress if she doesn't like it. :( Maybe it'll still be there.  Conyers is a ways away for Va. since she doesn't have a car. Va. told us that she's gained a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true which is exciting. :)

We were able to stop by and see An. and her Mom this week. Her Mom knows that it's all on her on whether or not An. gets baptized. She feels like her family isn't as spiritually strong as it should be, and they all need to be strengthened before her son Yo. baptizes An. Hopefully An. will get baptized in the near future as they start developing and continuing good habits. I don't know if it'll be before I leave, but I sure hope so!

We were so excited because we were going to have Sister Bur. come out with us to see J. this week, but when we got there J. wasn't home! Earlier this week we stopped by J. to give her a General Conference edition of the Ensign, and she was so excited to have it! We asked if we could stop by on Friday instead of Saturday because Sister Bur. had her granddaughter come over, and J. said that'd be fine to bring her with us. We'll have to stop by another day. Overall this story is pretty miraculous because Sister Bur. was once considered a Do Not Contact. When the Lamph's (the senior couple that recently went home) started to work with her, her heart changed. At the Lamph's Farewell, they introduced her to us and Elder Lamph told her that he has the most trust in us that we'd take good care of her. She has a lot of health problems that prevent her from coming to church, but now she's willing to come teach with us (J. lives four doors down) and she's willing to be a visiting teacher as of yesterday! :)

So the crazy story of the week... We were on exchanges with Sister Edwards (she used to live with me and Sister Jarman when she was a greenie) and we knocked into a woman named Ru. She let us right in, gave us water, and told us a year ago she ran into the sisters. We talked a little bit about how she's spiritual, and not religious. Her entire family is a different denomination from Apostolic to Pentecostal, and one of her LDS relatives has a 3rd edition of the Book of Mormon. She mentioned to us that she was a body and energy reader, and Sister Edwards got curious if she could read auras. Oh man, that just opened a can of worms! She did this creepy inhale exhale breath with her eyes closed, shook a little bit, and stared at Sister Edwards. She told Sister Edwards that around her head was white, symbolizing purity and Christ and it was very bright. Then she mentioned the rest of her aura is pink, but she didn't remember what pink meant since it's not her forte. Then she moved to me and repeated the creepy inhale exhale shake thing again. After, she stared at me straight in the eyes like she was trying to read my soul. (I don't even know what the definition of what an aura is anyway) She remarked that part of my head aura is white but that the other part of my aura was an indescribable dark solid color that's not used in the real world. She asked me what I wanted in life, and I didn't have the guts to tell her that I wanted to get our of her house because we were late to our dinner appointment. She told me to close my eyes, so I did and I tried to talk, but she hushed me. I told her that I wanted others to learn about the restored gospel so they could have the joy that it brings. R. said that's what my brain thought, but it didn't connect with my heart. She invited me to truly think about what I wanted in life, and the whole situation gave me the heebie jeebies. We went to see if we had a record of the sister missionaries in the past meeting her, and we did! Apparently last February R. invited them in, and brought out her bongos chanting, and tried to read their spirits too. They told us to not contact her, but apparently I never read her description until after we knocked into her... Whoops!

"The time you decide to become more like Christ, expect to be treated like Christ." The world is ever changing to alter God's laws and standards, and we will often be shunned and rejected just like Christ was. But we must always remember who will win in the end, and that enduring our trials will make us stronger, and we'll receive blessings because of it.

-Sister Sudweeks
P.S. Low on pictures this week :(  But I accidentally burned a new kind of popcorn really bad (not the kind my parents sent, a different brand) 

Our apartment smells like it still!

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