Monday, September 29, 2014

We Lost Sister Sullivan!

Happy Monday!

We've been working with a lot of part member families. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm going to knock on wood, and let y'all know when we're teaching them. We're going to start teaching a less active's fiancee, and I have a strong feeling that he'll become active once she starts investigating the church. She came to the General Women's Conference and loved it. An. told me that she 'wanted to be a part of this.' The field is white, all ready to harvest!

I'm so happy to announce that J.doesn't have cancer! (She's the one that had the powerful Priesthood blessing last week.) Satan has been hitting her really hard ever since that blessing, but she refuses to give in. She's had many trials recently which prevented us meeting with her. As we were talking to someone else, she called and I stepped away to answer the phone. J. told me that she's been reading and studying, and how grateful she is to have had that blessing because she's drawn strength from it. As she was speaking part of her blessing came to my mind, "J., you will be healed from this sickness- whether it's from medicine, or from this blessing."

Le and her family abruptly moved to one of their family members home's in Fairburn because of the bad relationship with her landlord. (This is the family where three individuals were baptized about three weeks ago.) One of their pipes burst, and that was the last straw for them. They're going to move back once they find a place to live that they can afford in Fayetteville, and we're going to ask permission to see them so they won't go less active. We were once again on a split and we lost Sister Sullivan! There's two doors to get to their house, and we didn't even think to go on the back porch to see if they were there. We were calling and texting her, but no response. The elders were helping them move and told us that they were on the back porch. Blonde moment... But how was I supposed to know she was teaching Le's neighbor? :(

We got back in contact with R., (the man who broke his knee and was in rehab) and he's now walking! He's finally reading the Book of Mormon, and we'll be teaching him tomorrow. We have SO many appointments with new investigators that I found with Sister Huntsman (one of the traveling sisters) on our exchange on Wednesday. One of them is a guy from England- English accent and everything! :D I am so excited to teach D!

We've taught many, many people, and I don't even know who to talk about, ahh! We've gone on splits every day so we could reach our maximum potential. Sister Sullivan went to teach the former wrestler with the great mustache  and we found out that they are one of the founding families of the Lutheran Prince of Peace church in Fayetteville. They asked the loaded question, "what makes your church any different from ours?" before they told her that she could come back because they forgot we were coming over. They were planning for a party so we finally got their number (we couldn't call to confirm) so we can tell them why our church is different from theirs. Exciting stuff!

One of the other sister's investigators, A. absolutely loved hearing about the Plan of Salvation while I was on exchanges with her. She asked us about what would happen to her Mom, and we taught her more about baptisms for the dead, and temple work. She's SO close to having a baptismal date, it's crazy!

How do you love our artistic ability? 

It was a happy Sunday- we found out that we had Ward Council last minute but we had a lesson with Ja. before church. (She's the Beehive aged girl whose mother and younger brother joined the church earlier.)  I was inspired to ask Sister Parks to come out with us, and we'd drop off Sister Sullivan at her house so they could visit Ja.. We texted M. to see if we could see his family before church, and he said that he'd be available. (I'm guessing La. and D', his wife and daughter were getting ready for church) M. was very close to accepting a baptismal date, but he doesn't want to make a covenant with God until he's quit smoking, and consistently coming to church. All three of them came, and it was fabulous! We got La.'s number and they're fine with us teaching them separately because M. is gone so much from being a truck driver. Another M. also came to church, and we plan on teaching her this week.

We had a funny story happen while we were on splits. Apparently G. and I. hadn't been telling their Dad/husband that they've been meeting with us. He came in at the very end, so Sister Sullivan and Sister Perkins (a neighbor who is a member) taught him the Restoration. We thought he was going to come to church too, since he's trying to act all aloof and mysterious. We have another appointment with him again on Tuesday, and we're hoping to have a member from another ward sit with G.'s Mom during church so the entire family can come and experience church for themselves!
I'm getting kicked off the computer due to many missionaries trying to get on, but the quote I loved this week was, "It's easier for Satan to get to us if we're by ourselves." There's really strength in numbers!

-Sister Sudweeks


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